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  • The Art Of Acquiring Contemporary Artwork


    Industry expert First Contemporary Art has made a name for itself guiding clients in the art of acquiring authentic, representative, investment-worthy contemporary artwork.

    (Filed: Wed May 12 2010)
  • AnimationInsider.net Interviews Eric Robles; Creator, FANBOY & CHUM CHUM

    Animation Insider recently had the opportunity speak with animator Eric Robles, creator and co-executive producer of the new animated series 'Fanboy & Chum Chum.' Robles is the mind behind the new CG series all about reading comics and enjoying one's youth. An animator for more than fifteen years, he has a solid understanding of the boundaries and prescriptions ascribed to 2D and CG cartooning, and likewise, how to completely obliterate them. Eric Robles discusses how he entered the profession, his love for the medium, and his love for all things Fanboy.

    (Filed: Thu Apr 29 2010)
  • Jewish-American Hall of Fame Plaques Featured in “The Impact of Jewish Intellect”Exhibit at Virginia


    The Jewish-American Hall of Fame plaques will form “The Impact of Jewish Intellect on America and the World” exhibit, that will ask the provocative question “What If?--What contributions to mankind might have been made by the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust or their descendants? What if one of the murdered millions had discovered a cure for cancer, HIV/AIDS or Alzheimer’s? Would fossil fuels have become obsolete had an alternative been discovered by one of the Jewish children exterminated by the Nazis?”

    (Filed: Wed Apr 28 2010)
  • CCC Presents An Evening With Paul Williams

    Singer, songwriter and ASCAP Chairman of the Board Paul Williams will speak and perform at the May 5th evening meeting of the California Copyright Conference in Los Angeles.

    (Filed: Thu Apr 22 2010)
  • The Models Direct Guide to Applying to a Modeling Agency

    Applying to a modeling agency is really exciting for all new and aspiring models. But with agencies seeing thousands of applications it’s important to know their preferred methods of submission and make sure that all the right details are sent. Here, modeling agency Models Direct offers some things to consider when putting yourself forward to modeling agencies.

    (Filed: Thu Apr 22 2010)
  • JD Sports to put on exclusive N-Dubz gig for customers


    JD Sports and adidas Originals have hooked up with N-Dubz to put on a special exclusive gig. The 700 pairs of tickets plus 10 pairs of VIP passes that will get the winners backstage for the chance to hang with the band, are being given away in JD Sports' latest competition

    (Filed: Tue Apr 20 2010)
  • New Games Added In FlashGamesGallery.com


    www.flashgamesgallery.com has come up with some new additions. The site plans to expand its bouquet of games to allure more gamers and stay ahead in the competition of online gaming.

    (Filed: Sat Apr 17 2010)
  • The Who , Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath on One Stage

    The Who, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath! April 30 th “70s Tribute Fest” at Rhythms of the Night in Manville! A fantastic classic rock tribute experience for all ages. This is a rare opportunity to see authentic recreations of three timeless bands together on one stage.

    (Filed: Wed Apr 07 2010)
  • Former COO & Creative Visionary behind Apl.de.Ap of the Black Eyed Peas & Global Music Label Jeepney


    Author Suzanne Toro in her new book, Bare Naked Bliss narrates her personal story of recovery and transformation -- how she was able to overcome unbearable pain and find bliss within herself. Toro has suffered many hardships -- sexual abuse, losing a child, and dealing with a loved one's serious illness -- but she's used each one as an opportunity to learn more about herself and earn a real life Ph.D in personal growth. An inspiring meditation and a practical guidebook, the book gives readers real-life strategies for healing and experiencing more joy in their lives.

    (Filed: Sun Apr 04 2010)
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