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  • Life Data Economics: What Genomes Mean For Healthcare
    Two healthcare companies in the U.S have implemented using block chain technology to better understand and record gene sequences and appealed to create a new academic research field – life data economics.
    (Filed: Mon May 21 2018)
  • Medicare Nursing Home Billing: How it Works?
    Medicare nursing home billing with its complexity and uncertainty is a specialized area and the professional billing services are the best ones to handle it.
    (Filed: Sat Apr 14 2018)
  • International Conference on Advanced Dentistry and Oral Health
    The International Conference on Advanced Dentistry and Oral Health to be held from 28-30 November 2018 in Dubai, will be a state-of-the-art event with an extremely comprehensive scientific program on the latest advances & researchers in various specialties of Dentistry and Oral Health, wherein most distinguished lineup of eminent keynote speakers from around the globe will lead a dynamic scientific program of plenary sessions, symposia and hands-on workshops to share their expertise with our audience.
    (Filed: Mon Mar 26 2018)
  • International Conference on Psychotherapy and Psychological Disorders
    Psychotherapy 2018 is composed in light of the subject of Leading Innovations and Approaches towards Psychological and Mental Health Disorders through Psychotherapy and ensured to give a stage to academicians and experts from Neuroscience and Psychiatry to exchange and deliberate on social change that includes by development and innovation during July 11-12, 2018 in Toronto, Canada. Hope you will appreciate these two days pressed with sessions, workshops, panel discussions, poster and oral presentations
    (Filed: Tue Jan 09 2018)
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