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  • World Record Corn Maze - Charities Benefit from Fun


    Farmer J's corn maze in Dundee MI is attempting to break 4 world records in 2010. World's largest maze, world's longest maze, world's longest torch lit parage, and a charity record too.

    (Filed: Thu Sep 30 2010)
  • Kaboom Radio Set To Produce "Live & Unsigned" Webcast Series

    Kaboom Radio is set to produce "Live & Unsigned" with kick off events in Chicago. The unsigned artist showcase series will feature live webcasts of the events that can be tuned into through KaboomRadio.com. The webcasts will also be re-aired on KaboomRadio.com as web based full episodes that will feature behind the scenes backstage and pre show footage combined with live performances from each event.

    (Filed: Tue Sep 14 2010)
  • Hurricane Katrina Fifth Anniversary World Film Premiere


    Hurricane Katrina Fifth Anniversary World Film Premiere at Carnegie Institution of Washington showing only film to have covered the City and Port of New Orleans before Katrina...New Orleans the Crescent.

    (Filed: Thu Aug 26 2010)
  • Fans Fund Recording Through Internet for Independent Folk Artist Tyler Stenson’s 8th Studio Album

    Studio costs are expensive, so Tyler Stenson, an award winning singer/songwriter from Portland, OR utilized the Internet to raise funds for the recording of his eighth studio album. Through Kickstarter.com and promotion on social networks, Stenson has managed to create a fully fan-funded recording experience for “Long Before the Wheel” – a sparkling follow up to his internationally acclaimed “Bittersweet Parade” LP.

    (Filed: Wed Aug 25 2010)
  • Jimi Hendrix — The King of Rock N' Soul

    New book shows how Jimi's music expanded deep into other genres besides Rock. Jimi Hendrix is known the world over as the greatest Rock Guitarist to have ever lived. However, his music cannot be caged into one musical genre.

    (Filed: Wed Aug 25 2010)
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