Queen Nyoka An Urban Recording Artist Hailing From The San Francisco Bay Area Releases 1st Album Wit

Queen Nyoka Records Album Featuring A World/Reggae/ Neo Soul/Hip Hop/ Underground Sound. This Is The Future Of Music, 1st Release From The Sonic Chimera Recordings Label Catalog - "The Bay's Finest"

[USPRwire, Sat Oct 09 2010] Queen Nyoka is a rising star recording artist hailing from the thriving music region of the San Francisco Bay Area and this upcoming November 2, 2010 she will grace us with her first album release being offered from the Sonic Chimera Recordings label catalog - featuring "The Bay's Finest" music artists.

She is climbing the ReverbNation local charts with a huge boost of new fan support this month. YES! We aim to reach the #1 spot.

Her sophisticated neo-soul vocal style includes elements of R&B, hip hop, reggae and World beat, not falling into any one genre of music and her unique songs capture meaningful messages which are delivered both true and compelling.

Queen Nyoka’s vocals, grooves and production on the album are raw, smooth and at times bass-heavy. The songs are thought provoking and you will want to groove, chill, dance, snap your fingers and bop your head as you feel the enjoyable beats and harmonies. Her delicate phrasing sets her apart from the many cookie-cutter artists being released today. Her recording years span over a decade and though many demos have been produced by her in the past this album will be her first debut full release appropriately titled "Renaissance Woman".

Her singing and music production will embrace you with her mature, emotional, philosophical, sociopolitical writing style that is original, refreshing and the entire album offers a range of wonderfully produced tracks which also welcomes the outstanding vocals of Andre "Hollandosia" Jones from the popular beloved San Francisco band The Latrells, harmonies of Sweet T, smooth vocals and gifted production talent of Bluezy.

Currently a selection of demo un-mastered tracks of a few songs can be heard on various social network promotion sites until the completed studio “Mastered” album becomes available which will also include some new re-mixed versions of a few tracks.

Checkout her new singles “When The Weekend Comes” ”Dance” ”The Munchies” “Lift me up” - featuring presently on tour underground hip hop neo-soul artists The Reminders and more hot tracks, including a fresh new reggae vibe version of "F*%k Tha Police" - a Tribute to Oscar Grant accompanied by a radical, edgy rough cut video rotating on YouTube and a very special Intro and Outro compliments the whole album recorded live with Fred Hampton Jr.

Stay tuned for the hottest most anticipated single release that will shortly follow this album, it's bound for popularity and is definitely one to keep an eye out for. Especially written about the major BP oil spill tragedy and oil pollution incidents that have taken place all over the World.

She will also be recording a handful of song collaborations with some well known established music and rap artists based in both the Bay Area and other parts of the United States anxious to record alongside her.

Queen Nyoka is a songstress and producer driven by her desire to create and share music for the people of the World, not just for the money and not at all the fame - it's pride and self-empowerment that provokes her anthems and a growing dedicated fan base that continually expresses anticipation of her performing live shows - backed by a seasoned dedicated SCR label staff of music management professionals, including a fabulous promotion/production team from Def Pacific Communications also based in the SF-Bay Area.

Her talent is real, it's true and you just can't help but enjoy the experience of listening to her, appreciating her songwriting skills and then sharing her music with everyone that you know.

Check back for more news and info on the Official Sonic Chimera Recordings website or the newly launched The Bay's Finest Music Network.

Queen Nyoka's 1st Album is titled "Renaissance Woman" and will be available for sale on iTunes, Napster, eMusic, Rhapsody, Amazon mp3 and CD Freedom.

Music Press please contact Def Pacific for EPK.

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MEMBERS: Queen Nyoka( producer,lead vocalist),Hollandosia (vocalist),Sweet T (harmonies) Bluesy (vocalist and co- producer)


MANAGEMENT: - Noelle 'Noey G' Guerrero of

ReverbNation: SF/Bay Area Charts at #7 as of [10/07/2010]
Music: http://thebaysfinest.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/05-Lift-Me-UpNoeyGmix.mp3

BOOKING: defpacific@gmail.com


"DJ's Queen Nyoka songs deserve a spin on the radio and in the clubs!" — from Queen Nyoka "with love to all my fans...put me on!!" - Queen Nyoka

"Her sophisticated neo-soul vocal style includes elements of R&B, hip hop, reggae and world beat and her unique songs capture meaningful messages which are delivered both true and lighthearted. " — NoeyG, DEF Pacific Communications

"Lift me up"... another winner off the upcoming Queen Nyoka album, this is talent, just what you need, it's lovely - the music press is about to BUZZZZZZZ — Sonic Chimera Recordings A&R

"Wonderfully produced album...all I gotta say is two words "QUEEN NYOKA" - this is a new music artist to keep your eye on!" — Def Pacific Communications

“Sonic Chimera represents the finest underground Indie Bay Area Musicians, Producers and Hip-Hop Urban Artists”

**Sonic Chimera Recordings and Def Pacific Communications is currently accepting considerations from serious record label financial investors and physical distribution deals.

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