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  • Entrepreneur Gene Nalbandian Finds Meaning in His Life's Journey

    Gene Nalbandian's first book, "Lamentations of a Dad: How Takeaways Led to Comebacks" allows the reader to enjoy an intimate conversation with Gene; who openly and honesty shares the lessons he has learned from the roller coaster of his life.

    (Filed: Tue Jan 17 2017)
  • Make your Dreams true to get free events in New York!

    This Press Release is related to the tourists who are seeking free events to make their visit more enjoyable and fill it with fun in New York. The various free event places can be found in the city but without any knowledge one cannot plan accordingly.

    (Filed: Mon Jan 09 2017)
  • The Update on Runescape Wilderness with 9% Off OSRS Gold

    Fabulous News: OSRS gold & RS gold with 9% off from 03:00 a.m. GMT on Aug.12 to Aug 15. This month is all about extreme challenges, Runescape venture back into the Wilderness for a selection of brand new activities including a super risky achievement diary. It¡¯s time to dust off your skilling outfits in search of the highly elusive skilling pets. There are three main changes in wilderness.

    (Filed: Mon Dec 19 2016)
  • Ozoneplay launches a no-Ads, win real cash mobile games service

    People spend more and more time playing mobile games; often interrupted by a barrage of Ads or tempted to make those ever enticing in-app purchases. At Ozoneplay we want to offer our customers a more immersive experience so we’ve decided to: Removed ads, Deleted pop-ups and, Banned banners. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve added more excitement and fun by offering a range of competitions so you can compete on a tournament, challenge your friends or take on anyone online; all with the possibility of winning real cash prizes!

    (Filed: Thu Nov 24 2016)
  • The Crowdfunding of Iron Moon

    Iron Moon is a documentary film and a collection of workers poetry, With your help, we can bring this film to the US and publish a corresponding poetry anthology.

    (Filed: Thu Nov 03 2016)
  • Diabetic Cooking Never Tasted So Good


    Author Matthew W. Miller’s newly released cookbook, "Over Coming Obstacles in Diabetic Cooking" is special because it is written by someone who knows the challenges of diabetic cooking with a disability.

    (Filed: Tue Jul 21 2015)
  • Your Book’s Been Published… Now What?


    It takes more than luck - learn how to get your book noticed on July 20th at 5pm EST at our book marketing webinar with Randee Feldman

    (Filed: Thu Jul 09 2015)
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