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  • Copyright Royalty Boardís Decision Forces Internet Radio Hobbyist to Bankruptcy


    The Copyright Royalty Boardís (CRB) March 4, 2007 decision to raise royalty rates and collect them retroactively for the year 2006, plus their decision to unilaterally nullify the Small Webcaster Settlement Agreement (SWSA) will not only force Classic Hits Radio and Modern Rock Classics off the internet, but put their hobbyist owner in personal bankruptcy and in jeopardy of losing his home.

    (Filed: Sun Mar 11 2007)
  • McKool Smith Adds New Associate in Austin


    McKool Smith, P.C., one of the nationís largest trial firms, is announcing the addition of John M. Shumaker as an associate in the firmís Austin office.

    (Filed: Tue Mar 06 2007)
  • The Worst 25 Housing Markets to be Named


    The Worst 25 Housing Predictor markets forecast for 2007 will represent some of the best bargains in years in the U.S. housing market.

    (Filed: Mon Mar 05 2007)
  • Harpers search launched


    New search engine created by Harpers, the wine & spirit weekly magazine, to help wine trade professionals find the right information fast; www.harperssearch.com

    (Filed: Tue Feb 27 2007)
  • Attica Lundy's Book - "A Quiet Time" - Now on Sale


    The most romantic among us yearn for love stories which majestically take us to the deepest level of enchanting romance. "A Quiet Time," by Attica Lundy is an enchantment of this kind.

    (Filed: Tue Feb 06 2007)
  • A Troubling Study on U.S. Socioeconomic Health Status


    IIM released a new report containing new information about the U.S. socioeconomic and geopolitical threats. The study provides a different picture than the one announced by the presidential speech on State of the Economy on Jan 31st, 2007

    (Filed: Sun Feb 04 2007)
  • Troop Explodes Into The 21st Century With Visionary Partner RockMeTV


    To celebrate itís 20th anniversary re-launch, Troop, official licensee of Innovative Custom Brands (ICB), takes great pleasure in announcing their unique partnership with RockMeTV.com, the worlds first and only live, interactive music-television station with real-time audience participation 24 hours a day seven days a week.

    (Filed: Wed Dec 06 2006)
  • Anarchists launch major media offensive


    A tiny think tank has set out on a project to provide ongoing news commentary in order to promote their set of views, known as market anarchism.

    (Filed: Thu Oct 12 2006)


    This yearís 9th annual Sarasota Reading Festival will feature more than 100 author readings and seminars, childrenís events and performances. Among the authors slated to appear are John Jakes, Michael Connelly and Sena Jeter Naslund.

    (Filed: Mon Oct 09 2006)
  • New Company Empowers American Dream


    San Jose 14th September, A new company called MicroVestments aims to break the rigid barriers between the rich and the poor by re-directing the American Dream to everyone else.

    (Filed: Tue Sep 12 2006)
  • Pickett to Speak at Upcoming ALA Conferencee


    Kate Pickett, world famous librarian, is speaking at the upcoming American Library Association Annual Conference in Seattle. Pickett's credentials make her the perfect woman to lead the ALA into the next change in librarianship. Coworkers and old friends think back to their times with Pickett and speculate as to the topic of her speech.

    (Filed: Wed Sep 06 2006)
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