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  • Cast Saw Devices Market Showcases Promising Growth During Forecast 2018-2026

    A cast often used for post-surgical recovery, treatment of a broken bone along with other ailments requiring immobilization are pervasive. Given osteoporosis are more likely to break bones and cause bones in the spine to shatter, people with it get shorter and are not able to stand up straight. One of the most serious fall injuries, broken hips has plagued the U.S. for decades as America’s population gets older and the number of hip fractures goes up. According to CDC, each year more than 300,000 people— those 65 and older—get hospitalized owing to hip fractures.

    (Filed: Tue Apr 30 2019)
  • Hexylene Glycol Market: Key Facts and Forecast Predictions Presented Until 2028

    The hexylene glycol market is poised to witness enormous growth on the back of surged end-user industry demands such as paints and coatings. Additionally, growing mindfulness amongst end-users pertaining its functional advantages, coupled with growing number of market players are likely to steadily augment growth in hexylene glycol market in the coming years. These market highlights are in line with Market Research Reports Search Engine’s (MRRSE) recent report addition titled, ‘Hexylene Glycol Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013-2017 and Opportunity Assessment 2018-2028‘ included in its fast expanding online data archive.

    (Filed: Tue Apr 30 2019)
  • Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether Acetate Market Investigation Highlights Growth Trends in the Coming Ye

    The propylene glycol methyl ether acetate market size is calculated with respect to the different purity levels of propylene glycol methyl ether acetate and is based on their selling price in respective regions. Further, data points such as application, production and regional split, along with qualitative inputs from primary research have been incorporated to provide precise propylene glycol methyl ether acetate market analysis. The forecast presented in this report estimates the total revenue projected to be generated across the propylene glycol methyl ether acetate market over the forecast period (2018–2026).

    (Filed: Mon Apr 29 2019)
  • Electric Bus Market: Active Initiatives towards Decarburization Likely to Direct Flourishing Growth

    Of-late public transport infrastructure has witnessed some phenomenal expansion across diverse regional belts owing to active environment protection norms. Growing number of private vehicle ownership significantly takes a toll on holistic environment sustenance on the back of carbon trail. To offset such limitations, federal governments have initiated substantial efforts towards diversifying public transport landscape thereby significantly reducing carbon footprint. Moving a step closer, several developed countries as well as emerging nations have also concentrated resources to develop alternative public transport system to eliminate excess burden on nonrenewable fuel sources. Factors as such have thus expedited adoption of alternative fuel based transport system, enabling electric bus market to experience robust growth in the coming years.

    (Filed: Fri Apr 26 2019)
  • Life Science Analytics Market: Substantial Advances in Big Data Analytics to Widen Functional Scope

    Voluminous data burden pertaining diverse areas such as patient profiles, regulatory compliance and incessant research breakthroughs have enabled mass scale adoption of life science analytics. Ubiquitous adoption of mobile devices and sensors across pharmaceutical and life sciences space has enabled burgeoning data proliferation necessitating adoption of advanced analytical access. Technological novelties such as cloud-based storage, big data, and predictive analytics are anticipated to further retain growth agility in life science analytics market in forthcoming years. Market Research Reports Search Engine (MRRSE) in its newly added research offering titled, ‘Life Science Analytics Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 – 2026’ takes a dig into recent advances and developments in life science analytics market, in a bid to gauge their implications on holistic growth route.

    (Filed: Fri Apr 26 2019)
  • Voltage Calibrator Market Industry Outlook and Growth Forecast for the Period 2018-2026

    These excerpts are in sync with the report titled, “Voltage Calibrator Market—Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018-2026,” which has been lately added to Market Research Reports Search Engine’s (MRRSE) growing repository. With respect to market revenue, the growth of voltage calibrator market is expected to clock over 5% during the forecast period.

    (Filed: Thu Apr 25 2019)
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