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  • Imperato/Behm Campaign Reinforces Support for Adam Putnam as Commissioner of Agriculture. Urges Acti


    Team Imperato endorsed Congressman Adam Putnam for Agriculture Commissioner largely because of his willingness to establish a small farm advisory council, which will help ensure that priorities of small farmers are included within the policy debate and to facilitate discussion on small farm policy. If able to add his voice to the advisory council, Behm would urge that sweet sorghum be grown more in Florida as a replacement to corn to develop ethanol.

    (Filed: Wed Sep 22 2010)
  • Lawn Sprinkler Repair Michigan: Old Faithful Sprinkler Systems Helps Homeowners Avoid Repairs With P


    For over 17 years, Scott Halahan has been doing lawn sprinkler repair and sprinkler installation in Michigan. Going all the way back to his college years, Scott founded the company on the basis of helping his customer learn the appropriate maintenance tasks to fully extend the usable lifespan of the lawn sprinkler installations and avoid lawn sprinkler repairs in Michigan. Proper sprinkler winterization is just one critical part of proper sprinkler maintenance to maximize the sprinkler system’s lifespan. For this spring and the start of the 2010 watering season, Scott and the team at Old Faithful Sprinkler Systems offered the following simple maintenance and startup plan for any and all customers…

    (Filed: Wed Mar 31 2010)
  • Farmers Must Respond to President Obama's State of the Union Speech


    Farmers know that our country is at risk, important decisions will be made in Washington, DC, with or without their input. The future will the result of those decisions and there is now a simple free process to help them be an active participant in the discussion.

    (Filed: Tue Jan 26 2010)
  • Wood Costs Have Remained Unchanged for Canadian Pulp Mills in 2009 Despite Tighter Wood Chip Supply,


    The pulp industry in Canada has sharply reduced production the past two years both as a result of weaker pulp and paper markets worldwide and also because of less competitive pulp manufacturing facilities. Wood costs have increased for many plants as the result of reduced availability of relatively inexpensive sawmill residuals, according to the North American Wood Fiber Review.

    (Filed: Thu Nov 12 2009)
  • 1971 John Deere 2520 tractor brings $64,000 at auction


    An extremely rare 1971 John Deere 2520 high crop diesel tractor with syncro-range transmission – one of fewer than 80 ever made – sold for $64,000 at a two-day sale of John Deere vintage tractors and related collectibles held July 8-9 by Matthews Auctions, LLC, of Nokomis, Ill., in conjunction with Girard Auction and Land Brokers, Inc. of Wakonda, S.D. It was the top lot of the auction.

    (Filed: Tue Jul 21 2009)
  • Wood Chip Import Prices to Japan Reached Record Highs in the 4Q/08, Reports the Wood Resource Quarte


    Wood fiber consumption by the Japanese pulp industry reached a record high in 2008. Over 72 percent of the consumed wood chips were imported, most from hardwood plantations in the Southern Hemisphere. The costs of imported wood chips have increased substantially the past three years, reaching their highest level in at least 20 years during the 4Q/08 reports the Wood Resource Quarterly.

    (Filed: Tue Jul 21 2009)
  • Wood Fiber Costs are Rising for Wood Pellets Manufacturers in Europe Because the Industry is Expandi


    The expanding wood pellet industry in Europe is increasingly relying on pulpwood and wood chips for its raw-material needs, as the supply of lower-cost sawdust cannot meet the fast rise in demand for wood fiber. The biomass sector is now competing with both the wood-based panel manufacturers and pulpmills for wood residues and logs, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly.

    (Filed: Thu Jun 04 2009)
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