Rocky Mountain Organic Meats introduces new line of organic meats

New line of organic meats offers healthy alternative to fast foods.

[USPRwire, Tue Sep 01 2009] Rod Morrison, President and CEO of Rocky Mountain Organic Meats ( announced today that his producer-owned company has recently added eight new organic meat products to their product line. These new organic meat products are all made of certified organic grassfed-only beef and organic spices.

“Consumers are still consuming fast foods,” Morrison says, “so we wanted to create something that was easy to open, easy to dive into, and easy to fill their stomachs.” Morrison notes their organic deli and organic fast snack foods are not only good to eat cold; the summer sausage is ideal as a topping on homemade pizza. “It’s just one more way to enjoy the sausage,” he adds. Six of the products, honey pepper jerky, honey jerky, pastrami, summer sausage, beef sticks and hot dogs, are ready-to-eat, while the garlic beef sausage and breakfast sausage require cooking before eating. “All of our new organic meat products contain no MSG, no added nitrites, and they’re all gluten-free,” Morrison says, “and our all-organic beef hot dogs are made from chuck roasts, sirloin tips and beef round for a noticeable taste difference.”

Rocky Mountain Organic Meats opened its doors in 2002. They offer a total of 32 other organic grassfed meat cuts, in addition to their new line, that range from steaks and roasts to ground beef. They sell all of their products from their website, while marketing a limited product line through Mary Jane’s Farms’ Simple Solutions for Everyday Organic ™, selected retail stores located within Yellowstone National Park, through Bill’s Butcher Shop’s near Seattle Washington, and at

At a time when consumers have grown weary of frequent news reports detailing beef recalls, farm-to-fork, certified organic grassfed beef such as that raised on certified organic lands in the Rocky Mountains offer a welcome alternative to a meat-eating public looking for a change.

For more information on any of the organic meat products available at Rocky Mountain Organic Cuts, Inc., please visit, or call 1-877-754-4606.

About Rocky Mountain Organic Cuts, Inc.
Producer-owned Rocky Mountain Organic Meats raises their cattle humanely and in harmony with nature according to Organic Standards of the USDA, which are nothing more than age-old, sustainable ranching practices dating back 65 years. The company’s mission is to constantly strive to maintain that delicate balance of nature by using its resources to produce meat of the highest possible quality, simultaneously respecting the balance of nature in every possible way. The company Ranch Creed supports that mission; “Each step we as individuals take should be taken so that everyone that comes behind is unaware of those who went before.” For more information about Rocky Mountain Organic Cuts, Inc., visit their website at, or call 1-877-754-4606.

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