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  • Back Massager Wanted by Los Angeles Dodgers


    Los Angeles Dodger's is inviting 170 celebrities and giving out a gift basket. They are for looking for the portable back massager of Body Face Shop. Beverly Hills Sport, agent of the Los Angeles Dodger has contacted Body Face Shop to acquire the portable back massager as a gift for the celebrities

    (Filed: Thu Sep 30 2010)
  • Golf Tournament Scoring Software Updated


    your•bot adds the popular Stableford scoring system to the first self-contained Apple® iOS® App that provides complete golf tournament scoring capabilities for ad hoc competitions without requiring an internet-based service.

    (Filed: Thu Sep 30 2010)
  • Krav Maga- The Authentic Israeli History


    Krav Maga is based on our most primitive and natural instincts. The Hebrew word “krav” means struggle and was first used in the Old Testament when Isaac wrestled with Gabriel, the angel of death. Although many Krav Maga building block techniques have existed for thousands of years, the self-defense system was developed, modernized, and fine-tuned during World War II and Israel’s War of Independence by Emerich “Imi” Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or).

    (Filed: Mon Aug 23 2010)
  • How A Ghillie Suit Can Make You A Skilled Hunter In The Great Outdoors

    Ghillies and stuff is an Internet company that serves worldwide customers interested in the art of camouflage. Back in the old days ghillie suits were improvised on the field, but at present there are much superior synthetic alternatives. Besides providing a highly efficient camouflage for hunters, paint ball/airsoft players or anyone who likes moving around covertly in the woods, commercial ghillie suits are extremely convenient... not to mention they will last for a lifetime if properly handled.

    (Filed: Sun Aug 22 2010)
  • Scuba Certification Program Addition is a Huge Success for La Escuela Del Sol

    La Escuela Del Sol is pleased with the results from their November 2009, scuba certification program addition. Popularity of this program has grown tremendously in the past nine months and is now available for combining with any other offered programs for a minimum of two weeks duration.

    (Filed: Tue Aug 17 2010)
  • Cruise Park City with Legendary Cyclists, Bob Roll and Eric Heiden


    Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah sponsor OC Tanner is offering cycling enthusiasts the opportunity to win a 90-minute bicycle ride in and around majestic Park City with legendary cyclists Bob Roll and Eric Heiden on Saturday, August 21, 2010.

    (Filed: Tue Aug 10 2010)
  • Scholastic Steel Challenge Gets Young Marines Approval

    The Scholastic Steel Challenge announced that the Young Marines, a youth education and service program for boys and girls with over 14,000 participants nationwide, have adopted the Scholastic Steel Challenge as a supplemental training program.

    (Filed: Wed Jun 02 2010)
  • Green Soccer Bowl Postponed Until 2011


    Tournament planners will focus efforts on bringing international soccer to Detroit during 2011 Presidents’ Day weekend.

    (Filed: Mon May 24 2010)
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