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[USPRwire, Thu Nov 02 2017] Winter Fall already commenced and travelers are excited to look for the warm beaches available for this November to have a holiday. Excluding the expense for attaining a Sri Lanka Visa, let us know first of the tourism costs inside the country. All international travelers accept this that Sri Lanka is the cheapest trip that one can make if it is planned wisely. One can manage to stay under a 40 USD per day with right management of accommodation and meals. A luxury hotel meal would cost 10 times the cost of a meal in a local simpleton hotel. Most of the tourist attractions have a free-entry and if not much shopping is done, you can stay in your budget for the day. Try and spend as much time as possible with locals in order to experience the real Lanka which costs nothing instead of experiencing a Lanka that is specifically portrayed to the tourists to experience under a delicate environment. It is easy to know the Sri Lanka visa status with our website.

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