The Play That Goes Wrong: An Unbelievably Funny Broadway Musical

The Olivier Award-wining Broadway musical “The Play That Goes Wrong” is sure is a hit comedy. Probably the best way to relieve your everyday stress with loads of laughter. The story is about a group of actors that portray a badly acted murder play. Enjoy the mess created by the crew in the worst possible ways. To some this may seem silly but keep your rational minds at bay to enjoy it fully. For the Cheapest offers, buy The Play That Goes Wrong Tickets from Tickets4Musical. You will not be disappointed by anything, it’s a promise.

[USPRwire, Mon Oct 22 2018] We all get bored of following the same and dull routine day in and out. What we need is a break. Like going to a funny musical is a choice. From the name of funny, “The Play that Goes Wrong” comes to the mind.

The play guarantees a fun time with loads of laughter. I have had an experience of watching the play live. And believe me when I say this you would have not ever seen such a disaster in your life.

The Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, and Henry Shields production is a mastermind and you ought to see it. Find the best deals on The Play That Goes Wrong Tickets at

The play follows a simple story about an immature group of people who are about to create a play. And that play my friends in literally going to get wrong in the worst way possible. When you see a catastrophe unfold itself in front of you by means of the silliest most unimaginable happenings it is extremely hard to contain your laughter.

The show has it all from messed up lines to missing cues and falling paintings and stage decorations. The story that was aimed to portray was that of a murder and the person who is presumably murdered is unable to stay still. The female main lead has to be replaced because the actual actor gets bumped on the head and falls unconscious.

The play has won Olivier Award for the best Comedy Play in 2015. Although many people reviewed it to be utterly pathetic and not funny at all. I believe rather than trusting their instincts why not watch it yourself and then judge. It certainly won’t be waste of time rather a fun investment.

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To be honest, acting horribly is much harder than just putting on a great show. This requires great skills to actually ruin stuff and the actors in the cast knew well what they were. Adults along with the kids were having a great time laughing throughout the entire show and that speaks volumes.

Another thing that cannot go unnoticed is how the broke the fourth wall when asked one of the audience to hold the wall hanging that keeps falling off its place. To me, this is the key point of how you interact with your audience. And The Play That Goes Wrong totally nailed it.

One advice before watching the play to leave your rational sense out when you watch. You don’t need to understand what is happening because you simply cannot. Just enjoy façade portrayed in front of you.

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