Lucid Dream During Coma Possible, Claims St. Louis Author

Coma Story, a novel based on Diego Garcia depopulation, explores the link between dreams and creative problem solving.

[USPRwire, Fri Sep 03 2010] Bringing together lucid dream concept and creative problem solving, at first, sounds illogical. Lucid dreaming has been researched scientifically, and its existence is well established. However, the power of the subconscious during coma is impossible to determine. Coma Story, ( ) a novel by Dr. Stephen Thompson, attempts to take its readers exactly to that dimension of alternate reality.

The novel centers on the Chagossians, who were forcibly relocated by British, to make way for a military base. The narrator, a coma survivor, along with Diego Garcia native, conspires to gain back the British-controlled islands without violence. The narrator’s fascinating coma journey, and challenging the superpowers, explores the link between conscious dreaming and creative problem solving. Coma Story ( ) welcomes readers into a remarkable double-life, and guides through a mind-opening voyage.

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About the Author:
Stephen Manoj Thompson, Ph,D., is an award wining, Indian-born American author, with a special interest in school dropout issues. He has a doctorate in Management Information Systems. Before moving to St. Louis, he lived in Singapore. Stephen came to public attention in 2008 for his acclaimed Land of Opportunity Forever. By his own account, Stephen Thompson is an accidental social writer. His first book was named a finalist for the Independent Booksellers Book of the Year Award. Thompson’s Coma Story, ( ) which centers on the forced displacement of Chagos natives, integrates coma with lucid dreaming to set the tone for a clever read.


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