Big Dub Festival Survival Guide For First Timers

The Big Dub Festival is a fantastic opportunity to have loads of fun, find new friends and make long lasting memories thatíll be engraved into your minds.

[USPRwire, Tue Jul 03 2018] The Big Dub Festival is a fantastic opportunity to have loads of fun, find new friends and make long lasting memories thatíll be engraved into your minds. Being prepared for your first time at Big Dub Festival is essential so you can know better what to do and what to avoid. So here we present a full survival guide to one of the most exciting festivals The Big Dub Festival. Following is all the things you need to know prior to going there:

Camping Areas:

The Big Dub Festival offers three different types of camping areas Main Camp, Hilltopand New Camp with different ticket prices and such. Each of them is sensational and you might want to look around before deciding where to camp. You are free to roam around and choose the place you find best.

What to Pack with You:

The best to have a fantastic time is to be fully prepared so here we have a full list of things you should pack when you are ready for The Big Dub Festival.

Some of the most essential items you need are:

∑ Flashlights

∑ Back pack

∑ ReusableCup or Plastic Water Bottle

∑ Credit Cards or Cash, ID etc.

∑ Things you will need to set up a tent

∑ Extra clothing i.e. socks etc.

Remember to bring only the amount of cash you will need and keep expensive items safe. Keep your car keys on a fix place and see what restrooms are nearest before night.

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Moving Around the Festival Grounds:

As the Festival has three different camping areas and each of them is located at different places i.e. Main camp in valley. Hilltop being a summit and the New Camp is in a valley transverse to the ford.

There are shuttle services available to move around between hilltop, the Main Stage the Stone Circle and The Big Bottom of the Main Camp. The way to the Stone Circle and Pavilion Stages from Main Camp is steep and going up and down is quite hard specially if you have decided to walk.

The Hilltop camping area is at a distance of is†.7 miles from central Main Camp, Stone Circle and Vendor Village that means youíll have to walk for about 11 to 13minutes.The New Camp is†.5 mile distant from central Main Camp,Stone Circle and Vendor Village which means a walk of about 8 to 9minutes. Getting to the Big Bottom which is largest camping area of the Main Camp from New Camp will take a 3 to 5minutes of walk.


All the major areas have an active security systems and patrols are taken at every local part of the festival. The security is available to safeguard all the attendees and also to make sure there is no violation of rules and regulations being performed by anyone. You can report about any issue to any member of staff or at the information booth other than that there are EMS Outpost all around the festival ground specifically around the Big bottom and North Crook areas.

What Things To Expect When Youíre There:

Unlike Others the Big Dub Festival is not just a music festival there are also other activities that demand you have an open mind and ready for participation. Only by enjoying all of the festivities in collaboration with other attendees you can draw out the most of your experience there. Take your time to have a look around on what fun activities the festival has to offer and choose the one you will like to participate in and plunge right in.

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Tips To Maximise the Fun:

Tuesday is the night of the arrival at the festival thus has a few activities and no music performances so itís the best time to decide on your camping space, set up the tent and know more about your neighbors.

Wednesday, the prime arrival day, it will be the day when all the fun starts friends will come together, and activities will start to gain pace, which includes opening of the two secondary stages for music for the day hours and a silent disco happening at the Pirate Ship after dark.Also, an obligatorypositioning with Chad & Nicole will takes place on Wednesday too.

Thursday is the Day the festival takes on full swing all the stages will be open for music, all camps would be open, and you will find activities taking place everywhere. This will continue till Friday to Saturday and thatíll be the final night the main focus on Saturday gets to the stages which are always full, and the activities will reduce by the afternoon time.

One thing to remember is that the Stone Circle stage will be closed at 11 PM and after midnight on Friday and Saturday to reduce the noise disturbance itís a law followed by the festival authorities for healthy relation with the neighbors. Other stages will be open even after hours but will lower volume levels again for the neighbors to not get disturbed by the noise.

Bathrooms, Shower Houses and Drinking Water:

The venue of the festival has two shower houses along with the bathrooms. You might have to wait long for your turn, but the community is respectful of each other. The main shower house is always extremely busy, but your turn may come faster at the lower shower house in the North Crook area.

Bathrooms are available at every corner of the festival with an active cleaning system and handwashing stations.

Tap water is available throughout the festival grounds for drinking also there is a well which is tested and approved by the PA Health Department and CDC for fresh, potable water. You are also welcome to bring your own water bottles.

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