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  • Car Radiator Market: Quantitative Market Analysis, Current and Future Trends

    Due to this, there is a trend of producing hybrid vehicles and this trend is expected to continue during the coming years. In order to effectively cool the components in hybrid cars, multi-layer radiator systems are required that use advanced coolant and even multiple radiator for cooling the engine, battery and the motors. This trend, in particular, is also responsible for the increasing demand for car radiators. Moreover, strict carbon emission norms and an emphasis on increasing the fuel efficiency of the cars are the other factors that are responsible for the growth of the global car radiator market.

    (Filed: Wed Sep 04 2019)
  • EV Traction Motor Market Key Players Stats, Growth and Regional Forecast 2026

    [170 Pages Report] EV Traction Motor Market research report categorizes the global market by Motor Type (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM), Induction/Asynchronous Motors (IM), Hybrid Motors (HM), Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM)), By Voltage Rating (Electric Vehicles, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Mild Hybrid Vehicles, Full Hybrid Vehicles), By Vehicle Type (Electric, Plug-in Hybrid, Mild Hybrid, Full Hybrid), & By Region.

    (Filed: Wed Sep 04 2019)
  • Spur Gear Market Projections Highlighting Primary Trends until 2028

    Spur gears are widely used in a number of machines, ranging from cars to household appliances. As spur gears are widely deployed across various machines, they must be built using easily fabricated, molded, strong and durable materials, such as plastics and metals.

    (Filed: Mon Sep 02 2019)
  • Automotive Air Purifier Market to Deliver Prominent Growth & Striking Opportunities during 2019-2028

    The automotive air purifier removes the contaminants from the air in a microenvironment of the vehicle cabin. The automotive air purifiers uses fans to circulate the air through a filter. It also acts as ionizers. It helps to charge negative oxygen ions to normal levels. The emissions from various interior components of vehicles, as well as exhaust fumes, carries significant amount of harmful air pollutants. The primary air pollutants are ultrafine particles

    (Filed: Mon Sep 02 2019)
  • Car Detailing Products Market: Geographical Expansion & Development Status Recorded during 2019-2028

    Car detailing products have gained a significant demand owing to their applications in the automotive industry. There are a variety of car detailing products available in the market which include: brushes, dusters, foam guns and waxes and sealants among others. Car detailing products are used in the applications such as car wax, tire dressing, paint sealant and leather conditioner. The car detailing products have been considered as highly efficient tools when the finishing and the appearance of the car is needed to be achieved. The manufacturers involved in the car detailing products market are focused on developing new car detailing products in order to achieve better efficiencies at lower costs.

    (Filed: Mon Sep 02 2019)
  • Electric Motors for Electric Vehicle Market Trends, Growth Analysis and Competition Outlook till 202

    In an electric vehicle drive system, an electric motor for electric vehicle converts the stored electrical energy in a battery to mechanical energy. Today, electric mobility on the back of technological improvements are expanding lucrative opportunities for the companies involved in the manufacturing of electric motors for electric vehicles. Electric motors for electric vehicles should have important attributes like simple design, high specific power, low maintenance cost, and robust control

    (Filed: Mon Sep 02 2019)
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