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  • Oral Motor Market Assessment Covering Growth Factors and Upcoming Trends till 2026 End

    Global oral motor market is expected to register significant CAGR during the forecast period. The primary objective of the report is to offer insights on business opportunities in the oral motor market. The study demonstrates market dynamics that are expected to influence the current challenges and future status of the global oral motor market over the forecast period.

    (Filed: Tue Jun 11 2019)
  • Art Supplies Market - Study Offering Deep Insight Related to Growth Trends until 2028

    In an era filled with touchscreen computers, tablets and smartphones, buying actual art supplies could be a rare sight. However, this is far from the truth as art supplies market can never truly be completely replaced by modern technology as true art lovers will always prefer real art as opposed to the virtual one. The art supplies market is projected to cross US$ 40 billion by 2028.

    (Filed: Mon Jun 10 2019)
  • Baby Monitor Market Key Insights and Forecast Assumptions until the End of 2026

    The globe. For instance, according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 40% of the population was actively working in 2014 and this percentage is expected to increase at an alarming rate. Considering population in the age group of 25 to 54 years, by 2018 end, the percentage of working population is expected to reach 64% and by 2024, it is expected to touch 63.9%.

    (Filed: Mon Jun 10 2019)
  • Cook-In-Bags Market - Analysis, Size, Share, Trends & Growth Projections Studied during 2018-2028

    The report offers an exhaustive evaluation on the cook-in-bags market, in the form of qualitative insights, verifiable projections, and historical data. Projections offered in the report are derived with the aid of assumptions and proven research methodologies. The report serves as an all-inclusive repository of intelligence and analysis on key facets of the cook-in-bags market.

    (Filed: Mon Jun 10 2019)
  • Playroom Furniture Market Valuable Growth Prospects and Insights on Future Scenario (2018-2028)

    Production trends of playroom furniture have largely been influenced by changing consumer preferences. In recent years, steady rise in consumer preference for multi-functional playroom furniture has significantly rubbed off on growth of the playroom furniture market. Additionally, rising awareness on sustainability among consumers has led manufacturers to focus more on hand-crafted yet affordable & durable products.

    (Filed: Mon Jun 10 2019)
  • Salon Chairs Market Assessment Covering Growth Factors and Upcoming Trends till 2028 End

    All-purpose salon chair segment is expected to be valued at US$ 449.3 Mn by 2028 and is projected to register a CAGR of 6.1% over the forecast period. Furthermore, the segment is also the leading contributor to the overall salon chair market. This segment accounts for 34.1% market share in the overall salon chair market in terms of product type and will continue to maintain its significant market share in the forecast years.

    (Filed: Mon Jun 10 2019)
  • Smart Remote Control Market is expected to register Significant CAGR of 18%

    The smart remote control market registered a CAGR of nearly 17% during the period, 2013 to 2017. The smart remote control industry has been influenced by the transformations in application paradigms, from human to machine communications, leading to services such as smart control systems.

    (Filed: Mon Jun 10 2019)
  • Allergy Care Market Valuable Growth Prospects and Insights on Future Scenario (2018-2027)

    Allergy care market remains highly consolidated, with leading players holding around 70-75 revenue share. The focal point of these leading players in the allergy care market is expansion of manufacturing facilities to rev up their production capabilities. Moreover, these companies are also focusing on strategic collaborations with healthcare professionals to excel in multiple activities, ranging from preclinical research to clinical development.

    (Filed: Fri Jun 07 2019)
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