Pack Sense of Humor, Anticipate Glitches, Have a Wonderful Vacation

Guests who travel with Trusted Adventures members are in the hands of people trained to prepare for the unexpected, even on scheduled itineraries.

[USPRwire, Wed Jun 30 2010] The Trusted Adventures travel alliance, a membership of nine award-winning travel companies, offers 10 tips to assure a vacation not only comes off as planned but is as rich an experience as possible.

“The bottom line,” said Brad Moss, executive director, “is to expect the unexpected. Surprises, welcome or not, often come when you set foot outside your home. How mentally prepared you are can make the difference between a meltdown and a good laugh.”

"All travel used to be a bit of an adventure; modern technology lulls us into thinking everything will always run like clockwork. It doesn't! The recent uncertainties of travel (such as volcanic ash and oil spills) now take us back a bit to an older way of traveling which expected a degree of delay and adventure in getting to and from," he added.

Guests who travel with Trusted Adventures members are in the hands of people trained to prepare for the unexpected, even on scheduled itineraries. After following a host’s guidelines on what to bring on a trip, don’t forget to tuck in a sense of humor while you embrace unexpected surprises.

-First, plan a trip with built-in buffer time and sightseeing activities to accommodate unexpected travel delays, missed connections and lost bags.

-Next, pack a carry-on day bag with enough resources (books, batteries, refreshments, change of clothes, etc) to keep you occupied and happy during unplanned delays and snafus.

-Carry energy-boosting snack bars and bottled water on as many legs of the journey as possible.

-Never pass up an opportunity to use a bathroom and carry a small roll of toilet tissue in your daypack.

-Keep playing cards and travel games handy for transit slow-downs due to weather, road conditions, a religious festival or custom/immigration delays.

-Bring an empty duffel bag for unplanned shopping opportunities.

-Keep your camera charged and readily available for spontaneous photo opportunities.

-Make and secure copies of your passport name page should you and your documents become separated.

-Retain a list of itinerary-related phone numbers and addresses as well as numbers from your home or business life you may need.

-Embrace the new and unexpected – from indigenous food and drink to local dance steps and traditional activities.

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