Two Infielders Out in the Injured List: What This Suggests for the New York Mets

New York Mets are missing two of their infielders so early in the season, what challenges are waiting up ahead is hardly predictable. Watch the latest Mets Matches with Cheapest Mets Tickets available at

[USPRwire, Wed Feb 27 2019] There are a missing pair of infielders in the Mets Roster and it isn't even march yet and the calendar hasn't even reached March. The New York Mets are in for some real hot waters if you ask me. Are you a Mets’ fan looking for ways to cheer them on? One way is to root for them when they play, buy New York Mets Tickets for their upcoming match now from

Recently the 33-year-old third baseman Todd Frazier was reported to have an MRI that revealed the injury in his left oblique muscle. He will be returning to New York for Cortisone Injection (the injection to relieve inflammation in the body parts). Worried about your favorite team’s future? How about cheering them on? Get these Cheap New York Mets Tickets at Bbtix to go to the New York Mets’ latest matches. This concludes the second infielder of the Mets this season that got hurt. Other being Jed Lowrie who suffers pain in the back of his left knee.

In his 5 years with Reds, Frazier had been named All-Star two times and was also the All-Star Game Home Run Derby champion. He hit .257 with 108 home runs and 324 RBIs. In 115 games in 2018, he hit 18 homers, 59 runs. Right after which he was put on the disabled list, his productivity is certainly missed in the matches otherwise, the team is doing okay. To watch them in action get the Discount New York Mets Tickets from Bbtix. This marks his time out with a left hamstring strain from May 8 to June 2 and with a left ribcage muscle strain from July 9 to Aug 2, the first two times in his big league career. The team is unaware of the significance of Frazier's injury.

The 34-year-old baseman Lowrie, on the other hand, seems serious and will be missing the whole spring training. According to general manager Van Wagenen, Jeff McNeil is spending time in left field for now and could be moved to third later.

New York Mets had high expectations of Lowrie when they signed him to a two-year $20 million contract. He was supposed to play third base and help as depth all over the infield. The opinions on his hiring were contradictory some cheered and some mocked. And now with Lowrie’s presence at the Opening day being questionable, people are wondering if hiring him was the right decision?

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Lowrie as of last year played 157 games and was an All-star, his resilience was proved in last two seasons with Oakland A’s. In the last year Lowrie hit a career-high 23 home runs and 99 RBI, Mets could have used some of that efficiency, but with his age and this injury and him not being able to make it to the Opening day, the story can resolve to a whole other end.

These injuries really test the Mets’ infield depth and if these two don’t get better soon only god knows what’s the season will turn out to be like for the New York Mets. Stay tuned for the latest Mets news and to get 2019 New York Mets Tickets visit

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