San Francisco Giants Planning to Make More Additions to the Roster

The San Francisco Giants are planning to add up to their roster with probably two 2 outfielders and 1 catcher. Watch them play live and buy Cheapest Giants Tickets only from

[USPRwire, Wed Feb 13 2019] The San Francisco Giants have been very quiet this offseason. Yet, we managed to pick up some rumors recently, and it seems that they are still planning to add more players to the roster. Get more interesting facts and matches details or 2019 San Francisco Giants Tickets at the

The first rumor is one that is too obvious but nobody is willing to discuss it, according to the tweet by Randy Miller, the chances are that the San Francisco Giants are looking to sign Bryce Harper at a late play. The Giants meeting Bryce Harper would not make sense otherwise, this is surely a hint of interest present. However, Harper is only one player and the Giants roster still has several openings.

At the situation Giants are right now, they only have Steven Duggar at the center field and no one at the outfield spot. If they donít fill up that spot soon enough, they are definitely going to have a worst outfield unit in the baseball history.

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There is still some good news, according to another tweet this time by Alex Pavlovic, Zaidi had said that the Giants hope to add two veterans to the outfield, which is good and also that they are still looking for help in catching section of the teams as well. They desperately need to fill in their roster and if they are taking some steps towards it, itís totally fantastic, better late than never doing it altogether. Bruce Bochy has also agreed to this he mentioned it at Giants Fanfest on Saturday. However, they take some actions this is all just big talk. But they certainly canít do with their current outfield situation.

While the games are on the move the players are aware that they can sign with one of the 30 teams but nothing is stopping them from exploring their options. That is the very reason several players negotiate opt-out clauses in contract. Are you too excited as to what will become of the Giants, watch them play live in the stadium at their next match buying Discounted San Francisco Giants Tickets from Bbtix.
There is more likely that the players with less offer will eventually be picking up a team by next couple of weeks. This means Giants have a chance to shape their plan of signing 2 additional outfielders if they make a move during this time.

Besides the outfielders, the Giants also require a backup catcher. As of now, on the 40-man roster Buster Posey and Aramis Garcia are the only catchers. They have further included Cameron Rupp and Rene Rivera, and Stephen Vogt but do not seem content with the current arrangements and are expected to add one more catcher. Discounted Giants Tickets are on sale now at Bbtix, hurry and get them before they sale out.


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