Single Property Sites Announces Fast Foto 3.0 System

New photo upload system promises to streamline Single Property Sites system

[USPRwire, Thu Aug 14 2008] Single Property Sites, a Web 2.0 real estate marketing company, announced the release of its Fast Foto 3.0 system, a significant upgrade to the functionality of the SPS system.

With Fast Foto 3.0 SPS continues to simplify and speed up the often complex and time consuming process of resizing photos and uploading them to websites for display online.

Using the new system, Agents can simply drag and drop high resolution photos into the SPS site creation wizard, and Fast Foto 3.0 handles the rest. The new system is easier to use and quickly re-sizes and optimizes photos automatically for the Web and places them into the Agent's single property Web site.

SPS Founder and President Paul Eastwood said Fast Foto 3.0 will save Agents even more time.

"We realize Realtors are busy people, and the entire SPS system is streamlined to make site creation as fast, simple and powerful as possible," Eastwood said. "With Fast Foto 3.0, Agents can literally drag-and-drop raw pictures directly from their digital camera and add them directly into their single property site."

Eastwood said Fast Foto 3.0 was designed so Agents didn't need to be familiar with photo editing to place gorgeous, full-resolution photos onto their sites.

"With more traditional photo upload systems, Agents have to resize their own photos, rotate them and edit them, all before putting them on the Web," he said. "That takes a lot of time. We wanted to make Fast Foto 3.0 as easy as possible."

Fast Foto 3.0 is available now in the Site Creation Wizard for SPS subscribers. To view a sample site, go to

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