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International Real Estate recently has recently launched its free service for rentals, sales and exchange of international real estate. With its unique features and absolutely free service, the service presents a very lucrative and promising offer to buyers, sellers, and renters.

[USPRwire, Tue Aug 10 2010] is a newly launched website that offers its free and unparalleled service to those who want to buy, sell, rent or exchange international real estate. It involves no commissions and middlemen. It is receiving attention due to its highly customizable pages. It is similar to a social media site, as it is almost a community-driven portal.

The website was recently launched by Mr. Taylor White PHD, an expert in international real estate. He is originally from the state of California and does most of his business in South America and Southeast Asia. While dealing with foreign buyers and agents, he found himself stymied by the cultural and linguistic barriers. He recalls that experience as “time consuming and frustrating.” He says that the aim of his self-listing site is to provide a fast and hassle-free experience to both buyers and sellers. He further notes getting the deal done is much more important in real estate than navigating local customs and cultural practices.

Unlike some other online international real estate listing portals, this website provides free service to its clients. While most competitors charge as much as $100 for a single listing, they also impose restrictions on the number of images and the textual content. Mr. White explains that his users are free to use any number of images. This unique service also allows you to post videos of your property. He points out that this site allows users to create something “like a mini website” of their own.

Currently nobody else provides these features, and certainly not for free. According to Mr. White, the website is “by and for the people.” All the service does is to provide a platform. The community itself takes care of the rest and you get instant results. Dealing with international real estate was never so easy. He says that users get interested customers for international rentals within weeks.

Expressing his concern to make the users’ experience as convenient as possible, he details its unique features. You can update your listings at anytime you choose. Also, you need to sign up only once, even if you want to post multiple listings. All users receive a detailed statistics report about the number of people that have seen their ad. After you list a parcel of international real estate for sale, you start receiving correspondence from interested parties directly to your email. There are no middlemen involved. For no extra charge, the service also sends an exclusive custom mailer to international real estate brokers and agents. All this brings “motivated and able” customers right to your doorstep in no time at all.

As if all this weren’t enough, the site also provides exclusive property alerts to buyers and weekly hot sheets. Any listing posted on the site automatically gets preference in search engine results.

On asking, Mr. White confirms that all of their services are entirely free of charge. He assured us that there aren’t any hidden charges for anything at all. Mr White has asked us to inform international property owners, international real estate agents, and international real estate developers all can create can account, upload their real estate, include pictures, include a You Tube video, include as much written detail about each property, and then activate it for 6 months as a Basic Listing – free.

If you are interested in posting your international real estate listings on his website for free, you can visit or email Mr White directly at

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