Review: Billy Joel's Big Ballpark Concert Featuring a Long List of His Most Memorable Songs Welcomed

Billy Joel’s Chase Field concert was one crazy fun experience and many more chances like that one are waiting for you to take advantage. So order your Discount Billy Joel Concert Tickets right away at Ticket2concert.

[USPRwire, Tue Mar 12 2019] Billy Joel blew away the Chase Filed with his long memorable list of songs on Saturday, 9th March in Phoenix, Arizona. You are welcome to get the Billy Joel Concert Tickets for his upcoming concerts, log on now to Ticket2concert for more information.

It was his first show in Phoenix since his last in 2014, the whole town was excited one proof is the ADOT mixing up street signs with Joel’s Songs. A crowd of more than 50,000 fans showed up at the concert, excitement oozing all over the place. This is a reminder of what it will be like in his next concerts so you better hurry and buy the tickets to get the Discount Billy Joel Concert Tickets before the chance is lost on you. Joel and his band took the stage by 8:30 and straight away plunged into singing “Big Shot” with the crowd roaring in the background.

Joel’s impressive band members included trumpeter Carl Fischer, David Rosenthal on keys, Drummer Chuck Burgi, Guitarist Tommy Byrnes, Saxophonist Mark Rivera, Bass player Andrew Cichon, Vocalist Michael DelGuidice with a guitar, and Percussionist Crystal Taliefero.

The opening song was soon followed by the “Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway),” even the crowd got to pick the next track and they chose “The Longest Time,” the list went on with "Vienna," "Movin' Out," and "Zanzibar" another one of the people’s choices, right after which songs like “And So It Goes,” "Allentown." “The New York State of Mind,” was played. Other songs following include, “She's Always a Woman,” "Highway to Hell," “Take It Easy,” "Piano Man,” “We Didn't Start the Fire,” “Uptown Girl,” “It's Still Rock and Roll to Me,” “Captain Jack,” and then for the last song of the night “You May Be Right” was chosen. For more of Joel’s all-time favorite songs, buy Cheap Billy Joel 2019 Tour Tickets from Ticket2concert.

There is no doubt the crowd was pleased, they left the venue smiling, giggling and humming and marveling on the songs along with gossiping on what just went through in the Chase Field. People mostly state Joel’s voice has changed from what it once was, well definitely a 69-year-old’s words would sound different but that charismatic feel that his voice possessed still lives in songs like "Movin' Out" and "Piano Man." Moreover, his piano playing is still as young as it was once along with his twirling the microphone habit.

With that being said the concert didn’t leave a single doubt that Joel is called the “Piano Man” for a reason. His songs, his voice and that marvelous piano playing combined gave out dozens of chances to the crowd to sing and dance along. You can do that too with the Cheapest Billy Joel Concert Tickets you can find online. The setlist was awesome as one can be and provided a brilliant rundown to the 70s and 80s songs we all are used to listening.

I personally had a blast at the concert, enjoying the crazy things people do at concerts like flashing their mobile phone lights. Get the Cheap Billy Joel Concert Tickets from Ticket2concert, so you can do all that in the next concert.

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