Lauren Daigle Added Lafayette Performance to Her Look Up Child World Tour

Lauren Daigle has added another date to her Look Up Child World Tour and fans are excited over seeing her one extra time perform. The Cheap Lauren Daigle Concert Tickets are on sale but limited seeing the fans frenzy over them. Donít wait and get them now at Ticket2concert!

[USPRwire, Wed Mar 06 2019] The Grammy Award Winner and Lafayette Native Lauren Daigle announced an additional performance to her world tour. The Lauren Daigle 2019 Tour Tickets are on sale get them now at Ticket2concert.

Though the tickets are on sale right now there is no guarantee when they run out of them. The show sets at the Heymann Center which are scheduled for 5th and 6th of July are already sold out. And the newly added performance has been added to the same show set. You know what this means, hurry and buy your Cheapest Lauren Daigle Tickets right away or youíll miss this chance.

A bonus performance has been added to the Acadiana Symphony Orchestraís Season Finale concert series that features Lauren Daigle as a part of her Look Up Child World Tour. Lauren will perform some of her latest collections together with the local musicians of the ASO.

Everyone is really excited to see this conjunction take place and so is the executive director of ASO Dana P. Baker. She expressed her sentiments in an interview representing the whole institution that they were grateful for this opportunity to make ASO a part of Lauren Daigleís Look Up Child World Tour. She added that the addition to their Season Finale series, Music & Faith will help their non-profit cause even more. Ticket2concert is offering Lauren Daigle Tickets Discount, hurry up till the offer stands.

She describes how this 3rd added date symbolizes valuable for the musicians of ASO other than being a fine chance for the fans to see this amazing collaboration. She went on saying that Lauren has immeasurable talent and seeing this talent combined with the amazing musicians of ASO is a once in a lifetime opportunity and fortunately, Acadiana is getting three of them.

As expected from the Daigleís fan the tickets for the third addition date 7th of July to the show sets for Daigleís Look Up Child world tour will surely be sold out soon as well. So this is your chance donít miss it and get Discount Lauren Daigle Concert Tickets now!

Lauren will start touring from Kansas City then on to Missouri and several other concerts set for UK and Netherlands. Before she arrives for her Lafayette shows, Daigle will visit Louisiana twice her performance are booked in Shreveport and New Orleans. Click here to get Lauren Daigle New Orleans Tickets.

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