Is It Kenley Jansen’s Last Season of Playing for Los Angeles Dodgers?

We have thought Kenley Jansen will stay career long with Dodger, but what is going on in their minds only time will tell. Get affordable Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets at Bbtix to get Live Updates on recent Dodger matches.

[USPRwire, Thu Jan 31 2019] Kenley Jansen has signed the contract for 5 years’ worth 80 million dollars to be the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher. For the fans of Los Angeles, you can now get Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets Cheap from As everyone who is anyone believed that this is the career high for Jansen and that he will stay with Dodger till the end of his career. This may come off as a shock for all those people, but it seems that won’t be the case.

This may not be sure but there is a bit of complication surrounding Jansen’s contract with the team and the possibilities of his staying are staggering as well. Get Discounted Dodgers Tickets from Bbtix if you want to experience Dodgers Matches Live! By the end of 2019 season, Kenley is said to be freed to ponder his next steps to advance his career.

But what would be his final decision? Will he leaves or will he stay? What are the odds? That’s exactly what we are going to ponder over in this article.

Do We Want Kenley Jansen To Finish His Contract in Los Angeles?

The pitcher has had roughly two years of his contract and with his three years remaining is it fair to ask him to leave? Especially when he is doing so great I won’t be wrong in saying the guy has the guts. It’s rare to find such a closer to enter the ballgame with the presence like his. If you want to see him play live here is your chance to find the Cheapest Dodgers Tickets online at Bbtix. He gives off the same feel as Mariano Rivera’s ‘Enter Sandman’ routine when he enters to take someone down.

But then asking him to stay and complete his deal is right or not? To know the answer to that a small flashback to his past is necessary. The past I’m talking about is 2018, one of the toughest years in his entire career.

2018; Was It Good or Was It Bad?

Looking at the past year of Jansen It was clearly unsettled. He had to face health issues then there was the birth of a child and overuse of his abilities in 2017 may have continued to hinder his performance. Still, a concrete choice has to be made by the Dodger to decide if Jansen is dependable or not.

Jansen allowed his career-high 13 home runs finishing with a 3.01 ERA. Other than that his strikeouts-per-nine also dropped to the lowest of his career (10.3). You can get the Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets Discount Coupon too at Bbtix to make your live game experience of the match all the more enjoyable. To get a better outcome in the future these numbers need to change their route. If this repeats, there will be serious difficulties up ahead.

In short, a repeat of 2018 will leave Jansen in a tough spot, leaving him fewer choices on his decision. I mean why he would leave for the free market after two lousiest years of his career. The only options he has is to stick to his old ways that he has applied for major part of his league career.

What Are the Closer Options For 2019 Or Even Further?

The Los Angeles Dodgers has signed Joe Kelly for a 3-year contract this offseason. And according to the reports and Jorge Castillo’s tweet confirming that the three-year contract offers $25 million for certain with a $12 million team option for 2022. If Dodgers pick it up then it's $33 million. And that is without the incentives being included for games finished.

The Dodger didn’t sign this contract on a whim, it’s a planned decision as far as I think. If you look closely you will understand that the money mentioned in the contract can be regarded as the “closers money”. Watch Dodgers latest matches live without paying much on top of that, Cheap Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets are being sold at Bbtix, order yours now. And If I’m right, the Dodger singed Kelly as Jansen’s insurance. Kelly is that brilliant options they’ll have if Jansen decides to leave. However, it is not to forget that the contract has Kelly’s incentive that will become active once he takes on the stopper’s role.

What will happen will be known by the end of the year.

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