Iranian Revolution Sparks Tale of International Intrigue and Adventure

This intriguing tale is the subject of The Chabahar Incident, a fictional novel based on the late 1970s Iranian Revolution.

[USPRwire, Wed Apr 09 2014] The dichotomy of an all-powerful Shah, seemingly fully backed by the United States, and an aging Imam on a prayer rug in Paris is troubling to six very powerful world bankers who seek the assistance of John Wingate, a wealthy shipping company heir to avoid financial disaster. This intriguing tale is the subject of The Chabahar Incident, a fictional novel based on the late 1970s Iranian Revolution written by retired construction industry engineer Dick Jacobsen who was living in the country at that time.

Readers will be fascinated with millionaire playboy, John Wingate, the son of a major shipping company president whose job is to efficiently and strategically move vessels in and out of the world’s ports. Jacobsen said the character is loosely based on his handsome and dashing uncle, a World War II US Naval Flying Ace who enthralled him while growing up with his tales and lifestyle.

“Wingate’s office is a Pan Am first class seat, a five star hotel room, a construction hooch, a Bedouin tent or a company ship’s stateroom. He has a penchant for beautiful women and delights in their company,” Jacobsen said.

The author said he took six months off work in 1980 and began writing The Chabahar Incident but realized he needed to return to the construction industry to pay his bills. “Basically the fear of not having food on the table, prompted me to quit writing and go back to construction work,” Jacobsen said. He spent his career traveling the world engineering huge construction projects including freeways across the earth, military bases in Israel, an airport in Kuwait and embassies throughout the world.

But Jacobsen said he never lost “the amazing burning passion for writing” and so after retiring, he dusted off the pages he’d written decades before and completed The Chabahar Incident, recently published by Halo Publishing International.

“The Chabahar Incident is filled with adventure, romance and fascinating characters that will keep the reader interested from beginning to end,” said Halo International Publisher Lisa M. Umina. “Jacobsen’s personal experience lends credence to the story.”

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Dick Jacobsen is a native of New York who has resided in California since age 12. A retired construction industry engineer, he graduated from San Jose University with a major in Civil Engineering and minor in English Literature. Now working on a second novel, he presently resides in Redding, California, with his wife, Joyce. To reach author Dick Jacobsen, e-mail him at

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