Frank Rosiakís Debut Album "The First Cuts" Showcases Instrumental RockíníRoll

Frank Rosiak is a classically trained Musician who has just released his first album called "The First Cuts". The album comprises instrumental Rock style compositions recorded in his home studio!

[USPRwire, Thu Nov 12 2009] Frank Rosiakís album, "The First Cuts" is being released through American-based digital music outlets and distributors. Much of the album was recorded on a basic/very old PC computer using mainly CoolEdit Pro, but also using Adobe Audition for mixing. Rosiak will also be investing in pressing up CDs for general sale. "Itís a question of time and, very much, money at the moment", Rosiak said.

Although most of the music Rosiak makes is primarily Rock based, he studied Classical guitar for 15 years with brilliant musician and teacher, Simon James. During that time, he earned the Performers Certificate from Londonís Trinity College. Rosiak also studied the sitar for 12 years in London with a master from India, Pandit Vijaykumar Jagtap. He received a diploma from Bharitya Vidya Bhavan, a UK-based institute where "all aspects of Indian art and culture are available under one roof", said Rosiak.

These diverse styles and disciplines can be detected throughout the album. At times the music is reminiscent of virtuosos such as Yngwie Malmsteen, a noted influence. The guitar fully takes the spotlight in the Classical styles of Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi and others. "I play guitar (all styles) and electric bass, as well as the sitar", said Rosiak. "I am also very interested in the lute, and have dabbled a little".

Rosiak also keeps busy playing in four separate bands: "I play bass in two cover bands - one Classic Rock, the other a function band - and guitar in two originals ..and, as if that wasnít enough, I am writing, recording and performing with my friend, Peter Walsh", said Rosiak.

Rosiakís work with Singer/Songwriter Walsh, who lives within walking distance of Rosiak in Southeast London can be heard on his Myspace page ( This offers a chance to listen to the guitarist in a more traditional Rock ní Roll setting, replete with vocals, layered churning rhythm guitars and soaring lead riffs. Rosiak said that various gigs and rehearsals with Walsh are on the horizon.

In regard to the instrumental selections that comprise "The First Cuts" album, Rosiak expresses that the audio may not be of the best production quality. Some of the tracks are are salvaged from the dustbin. In the end, all of his music is 100 percent genuine material. "Life is crazy sometimes; luckily, I am even crazier", said Rosiak. The new album is available online at most music retailers and at

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