Elena Chernyakova, Former WTA Professional Tennis Player From Moscow, Staring in an American Movie.

NuConcepts Productions has just announced the Actress/Model has a starring role in "Psychotic," a horror thriller movie Claude Reid is also starring in the film.

[USPRwire, Fri Oct 18 2013] The movie has already begun shooting in Chicagoland. The film is about Jennifer & Michael. They kill their friends and roommates and drink the blood of those whom they kill.

Starring Actor/Director/Producer Claude Reid & Former WTA Professional Tennis Player, Elena Chernyakova from Moscow Russia. This film is totally improv. There is absolutely no script for the film.

Elena Chernyakova's resume includes WTA professional tennis, with wins over Heather Watson, Sally Peers and Tara Moore.

"A tennis court can be a house of horrors when things start going wrong. Just ask a few of Serena Williams' opponents at this year's U.S. Open."

Rick Limpert
The Examiner

"We field a lot of jacked-up press releases here at The Wrap, but this one wins the weekend, game, set and match. The Awesomely Bad Horror-Thriller Press Release You Just Gotta Read"

Josh Dickey

The movie has already begun shooting in Chicagoland. The feature film is directed & produced by Claude Reid of Claude Reid Productions &
Christhtopher Free in association with NuConcepts Productions. Reid is the owner and founder of NuConcepts Productions.

The feature film is about Jennifer and Michael, who are psychotic roommates who kill their friends and roommates and drink the blood of
those whom they kill. They also have split personalities. Michael also travels do to his work in the music industry, where he also kills
during his travels. At the end of the film, it is discovered that some of the killings are a dream.

Actor/Director/Producer Claude Reid started off as an actor and became a Producer/Director as well. He learned directing by working with
professional established theater director Ernie Mclintock just before Ernie passed away. Ernie is from the South Side of Chicago & he moved
to NYC to peruse his career. When Ernie moved to NYC he became more established, but when he got older he decided to move to a city that was
more quiet and not as fast as NYC, so he decided to move to Richmond VA. Reid & Ernie met in Washington DC and they worked together in Richmond

Elena Vladimirovna Chernyakova (born October 19, 1990) is an actress, model, and ex-professional tennis
player from Moscow, Russia. Elena Chernyakova, started her acting career in July 2012 after graduating from Northwestern
University with a degree in Communication Studies.


Company: Nuconcepts Productions

Contact Name: Claude Reid

Contact Email: claude@nuconceptsproductions.com

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