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Announcing new PC/Linux/Mac indy sci-fi game for hardcore gamers from Poland, country of Wiedzmin.

[USPRwire, Wed Jun 17 2015] You might ask what do Cosmodrome Baikonur, German pop artist Andora and two fanatical guys, Pawel and Lukasz, from Warsaw, have in common?

Well, about 15 years ago the adventure began on Cosmodrome Baikonur where Andrzej was watching the start of Soyuz to the space station Mir!

While working in the space business, helping astronauts to prepare for their missions, Andrzej met the famous pop artist, Andora. Andora was fascinated with space exploration and regularly incorporated the subject matter into his art work.

About the same time, far away in Warsaw, Pawel and Lukasz were just beginning their romance with the fascinating world of computer games.

Some years later and Andrzej met Pawel and Lukasz in Warsaw. He told them of his story and about the painted rockets by Andora.

They showed him their concepts and sketches made by a talented Polish graphics artist Irek. For many nights they did not sleep. Instead, after much brainstorming Galactic Insomnia was born.

Galactic Insomnia promises to be more than just another computer game. It is reflection od the authors' passion for cosmos, rockets and space exploration.

Company: K202 Games Ltd

Contact Name: Andrzej Pieniazek

Contact Email: apieniazek@ecc-limited.eu

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