India Pet dogs Market; size,growth, share and future trends; 2016-2021

India is one of the most attractive Pet dogs market in the world. With>15M pet dogs in India, it is the only country in which pet dogs population is expected to grow>10% in the next 5 years.

[USPRwire, Fri Nov 25 2016] Dog market size and future growth

India is one of the leading markets of pet dogs in the World, with presently>15M pet dogs. It ranks sixth in terms of pet population and lags USA, Brazil, China, Mexico and Russia with 70M, 56M, 28M, 27M and 17M population respectively.

India’s dog market is unique in terms of the growth trajectory it has shown in the last 15 years. Among the top 30 nations in terms of the pet dogs population, India pet dogs population has grown the fastest from ~5M in 2002 to 15M in 2016 i.e>8% CAGR over the 15 years.

Also, in the coming years’ analysts predict that India is going to lead all the 30 nations (largest pet population countries) in terms of the future growth rate of dog pet population. By 2021, India is expected to have ~26M dog pets i.e. a growth rate of ~10.5% CAGR in the coming 5 years.

Factors affecting adoption of dog pets in India

Some of the key factors driving/detracting dog population growth in India are:
1) Population boom in India
2) Emergence of middle and high income class in India that can afford a dog
3) Developing awareness of getting a pet in India
4) Increasing need of security as the savings of households increase overtime

Structure of the DOGs market in India

Overall the market of dogs retail is very unorganized and highly fragmented. Estimation is that there are>300K pet shops in India that sell dogs. Majority of the sales happen through offline channel by unregistered retailers that avoid tax by not giving proper documentation. It is impossible for the customer to know if the puppies are high quality and have been breed properly.
Key breeds in house of Indian market

There is not perfect way to know the share of breeds of pet dogs in India, we have developed a view on share of dogs sold in the last year, based on latest searches done by people online and primary surveys done: German Shephers are the most popular dogs with ~25% share followed by ~20% share of Labrador Retriever. Other most popular breed of dogs in India are Golden Retriever, pug and Doberman.

Future trends in the market

Online channel of selling dogs is expected to emerge as a consolidated online channel can provide that trust and quality to customers that is inconsistent when purchased from offline channels. Websites like are coming up through which one can easily by a dog which have been properly medically tested and has proper paper work ensuring high quality standards.

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