Restarting HULU after Each Episode

It is safe to say that Roku with Roku com link is biggest platform of internet TV viewing. Roku has come a long way. It is one of the pioneers of internet TV viewing.

[USPRwire, Tue Jan 24 2017] There is almost no channel and no program which is not available on Roku. Except for the Netflix original content under their home production, almost every content is available on it which can be seen at www Roku com link.
Roku has excelled in every department they went. They introduced their TV viewing hardware back in the days and even today it offers the best hardware in market and can be bought at Roku com. Prices are super competitive by Roku, for a full blown Roku stick you end up paying as low as 50$. Stick has identical specifications as a full version Roku 4 with 4K support, their flagship with authentication from Roku link.

Both of these have a quad core processor, tons of RAM and not to forget, Roku OS 7. Roku also comes with a dedicated smart remote and dedicated Roku help. It has its features like clickable vintage buttons, audio control, swipe gestures, Wi-Fi connectivity and an audio jack for private listening and can be activated by following instructions from www Roku com support.

When it comes to user experience, it is also a breeze and fun. Roku, in spite of being the biggest giant in entertainment has not resorted to biased search results after authenticating from Roku link code. Where there are service providers like Apple in Apple TV who would not let you change the app positions or delete them, their search results too are biased towards their own productsunlike Roku account setup.

Roku on the other side puts customer benefit before their own. Spotlight search in Roku OS 7 is one of the USP of Roku. It searches from over 30apps, which is highest in any hardware. Even if some movie is provided on Rokuís own channel for a subscription but another channel is showing it for free, the best result will come on top.

There is also a functionality of whisper sync which can be activated after Roku set up. Whisper sync, while playing a video tells almost every detail about that movie fetching data from likes of IMDB instantly. It also shows trivia and other facts. There is also a follow feature which allows users to follow particular movie or an actor.

In all, Roku has proved to be a great device. However, one of the most popular apps Hulu is facing issues on many Roku devices. There are issues of app crash as well as need to restart Hulu after each episode. These issues are varying from owners and devices to other devices.

These issues are also seen on more recent latest devices like Roku3, 4 and stick. There might be some potential reasons for it some of which are discussed as under.

1.Memory Leak
When hardware gets updated, app manufacturers update their apps. Mostly for minor updates, they add functionality to their apps and for major updates they remake the app from scratch. It is not the case with Hulu on Roku. Roku has been known notoriously for less polished low quality apps from manufacturers. This is because Roku does not provide any app development kit to them. This is why there might be a memory leak after hardware updated to a new gen.

2.App rework
Popular apps like YouTube are dead on Roku. Apps on Roku need a lot of rework and has been mentioned earlier too. It is possible that Roku app has been updated but some bug has been left due to which app crashes are occurring or restarts are required after every episode.

3.Resource scarcity
It has been mentioned many times that since the last time Hulu app was updated, it has started eating up a lot of resources. Now, latest gen hardware needs restart after each episode while on older hardware it crashes. Surely resource scarcity is an option. You might want to update your Roku now.

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