Meet Mait Management’s Cryptomining Companies

Meet the two existing MAIT Management cryptomining companies to get your mining business off the ground.

[USPRwire, Fri Feb 16 2018] Mait Management Inc., the management and investing consultancy agency aimed at helping people build their businesses, is introducing its two cryptomining companies: TopBitmainMiners and TopBaikalMiners. These two companies are professional cryptocurrency mining equipment suppliers located in the United States. As their names imply, they are selling Bitmain and Baikal miners. They not only sell mining equipment but as of this moment, they are the only companies offering buyers the opportunity to finance their new miners with their in-house financing provided by one of their sister companies:

TopBitmainMiners and TopBaikalMiners are companies that have been in business since 2013 even though their websites have recently been developed. They are both safe companies and a convenient option for anyone who is interested in starting a mining business. Any person with access to the internet and the right hardware can join in this business, and that is why these companies look to equip customers with the right hardware for the job. TopBitmainMiners and TopBaikalMiners can be reached by phone, Whatsapp, and Skype. Their products vary in cost, but also in the monthly profit they generate; ranging from $500 to $1,500.

These two companies offer their knowledge and expertise through their tech support in case any customer needs it for their equipment. Besides selling their products, TopBitmainMiners and TopBaikalMiners sell power supplies and replacement parts for your previously acquired equipment so that your customers don’t scramble for parts in case of an emergency. They accept payment by credit card, and if you don’t have the necessary funding, you can opt for financing through their sister company FastUnsecured, a company that provides finances through unsecured credit card funding.

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