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Business: SMA Collaborates with CSI International to Deliver Enterprise Automation Solutions

SMA Collaborates with CSI International to Deliver Enterprise Automation Solutions

A European health care group and a large bank in Latin America were struggling to manage diverse IT environments.

[USPRwire, Wed Aug 25 2010] A European health care group and a large bank in Latin America were struggling to manage diverse IT environments. What do these two very different cases have in common? They both benefit from a successful collaboration integrating CSI’s BIM FAQS with SMA’s OpCon/xps™ solution for end to end operations automation!

According to Kevin Adams, SMA™ Senior VP for Consulting, the European Health Care group “was being hammered by errors in processing as well as significant inefficiencies in critical applications, hosted on a wide range of systems that did not interact well together. “ SMA’s OpCon/xps™ solution provides state of the art automation and operations management for most of today’s key operating systems. What was missing was z/VSE. Enter CSI International! Adams continues, “working with CSI we were able to deliver a seamless solution allowing for a single view and a single point of control, whether the critical workflow was on z/VSE, Unisys or Unix!”

In the financial world, a bank’s success is often tied to or the result of acquisitions of other financial institutions. These mergers require that customer needs continue to be met, while the IT group often times tries to figure out how to make all of the different pieces fit together. Danny Calametti, SMA™ VP for Business Development, points out, “this was certainly the case for one of our newest customers in Latin America. The bank’s main production processing runs on z/VSE and IBMi, with additional critical processing on other systems. In some cases they are running duplicate applications, for example two different credit card apps, that have not yet been merged.” The bank had a different scheduling package in place for z/VSE, but with the opportunity to have a single tool for managing their entire complex environment, they eagerly agreed to convert to CSI’s BIM-FAQS. Initially focusing on BIM-FAQS /PCS, future efforts will also tie in BIM-FAQS /ASO for an enterprise-wide automation solution.

Jon Henderson, Chief Operating Officer at CSI points to the results, “two new CSI customers but more importantly, two organizations now benefiting from state of the art software solutions provided by CSI and SMA.” One key to these successful projects, adds Henderson, “SMA shares the same mission as CSI, to put customers first.”

About SMA: SMA is a global leader in cross platform enterprise job scheduling software and event driven automation software, with offices in England, France, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland and the United States. With 29 years of experience SMA powers some of the most complex data centers in the world. SMA OpCon/xps automation software maximizes technology investments and enables IT process improvements to quickly produce measurable ROI in weeks without armies of consultants. For more information please contact us at .

About CSI International: CSI International is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) providing software and consulting solutions to customers who use IBM’s z/OS and z/VSE operating systems and related products. CSI’s software solutions are available worldwide through its international distribution network, and directly in North America from CSI and select Business Partners. CSI Corporate Headquarters is located in Williamsport, Ohio, with additional facilities for Research and Development, Sales, and Technical Support located in Ohio, Minnesota, Colorado, California, and Israel. Please contact CSI International at:

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